Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Date: 25 May 2020


I live in a room, in a boarding house. Not
luxurious, but quite cheap and comfortable
as a place to rest after work. Sorry if my
room looks messy. I usually use this room
to rest or just enjoy entertainment like
watching movies or playing guitar, or just
doing other personal activities.

But since people do the 'work from home'
thing, this room (more often) has become
a place to work. Maybe some people are
used to working at home. However mine is
not a real house, but a room, literally a
3x3 meter room with one toilet.

Since this big change has happened in
our global society lately, my room has been
a manifestation of the fusion between public
and private space. That fusion does not only
occur in social media, but actually in physical
space. But still, there is a situation that does
not change even though the context may
be different, such as one phrase in the title
of Sherry Turkle's book, "alone together".

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