Location: Lefkada, Greece
Date: 15 May 2020


Trouble bears ideas: I recall the mid-sized
and big bags, the cheap, expensive, serious,
fun, colourful, monochrome ones, that have
accompanied my everyday life in school,
in university and throughout my adult life.
They are my big loves; not just as
accessories — as part of my looks — but as
extension of my hand. An orderless
microcosm, dark, mystic, noiseless, that
I carry outside of home, because it makes
me feel strong, safe and self-sufficient.

And the pandemic disarmed the bags! My
exits are rare, displacement is difficult, it's
impossible to stir the bag's hidden treasures!
With what nerve? With what hands? It's time
for replacement!

The small, round, straw basket is here to stay,
at least till the end of summer. My treasure in
public view. Gloves, mask, antiseptic, card or
wallet and a small-size book, when my exit
leads to the beach... cellphone maybe, maybe
cigarettes... I keep from this tale the basket
and the big bad wolf Covid-19.
Stay safe fellow humans!

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