Between You and Me is a space where we
can share intimate stories. At the same
time ‘between’ suggests an obstacle, or
difficulty. Now that we are asked to keep
distance, how can we share what is going
on and what is changing between us?

Between you and me: what (personal)
object or thing in your surrounding has
changed meaning since the recent
changes in our societies?

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video, audio or other file here
With contributions by:

Sophie Akomfra
Olivier Campagne
Tine van Essen
Eva Giannakopoulou
Peter de Haas
David den Haring
Hannah van Haspelt
Martha Jager
Cindy Kastanya
Dimitra Kondylatou
Céline Leroy
Elly Linschooten
Martijn Linschooten
Skye Maule-O’Brian
Andromache Papazisi
Tim Sandys
Julien Voinot
Krisnawan Wisnu
Zois Zaverdinos