Between You and Me

Between You and Me starts from the idea that each person is a walking archive of personal (p)references, daily activities, desires, images and memories, which offer a form of agency. On the one hand the title suggests an exchange, based on mutual trust. On the other hand it points to an obstacle, something that might be in the way of exchange.
During four weeks each participant will invite the others to a location of their choosing, in or around Yogyakarta. We will discuss and share notions of ‘heritage.’ When is something considered ‘heritage’? What preservation strategies do we use? We will document these meetings and share the recordings on this platform, as a growing inventory of shared (and sometimes conflicting) thoughts, images, memories, sounds, etc.
Putri Harbie, 
Mirjam Linschooten,
Hamada Mahaswara,
Mirza Maulan, 
Ersya Ruswandono,
Rugun Sirait,

supported by 
Mondriaan Fonds

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles